4 Tips to Research and Find Wholesale Food Suppliers
January 23, 2018 by admin-Food Suppliers,
4 Tips to Research and Find Wholesale Food Suppliers

Are you a retailer and want to make money buying food products at affordable prices and selling it at retail costs in your local market? Seems a great choice, but it requires a lot of research and dedication to finding the best wholesale food suppliers to buy your goods at beneficial costs. If you’re out of ideas on how to grab the best deals through reliable Australian wholesale food suppliers, we have top 4 tips to make it easier for you.

  • Try a Manufacturer Firs

This might seem a surprise to you as we were going to advise you search the best wholesaler, but trust me that it is going to be an even better deal. If you are selling a brand item, then it is always good to go for the manufacturers of the product. Of course, they will sell you upon their minimum order requirements, but you’re going to save more with them.

If you think the minimum required product quantity is far beyond your budget, then you may try to ask them for a list of distributors they have. You can easily contact those distributors and start. This way, you can either get the lowest prices or at least get the better price that you’d get with the wholesale suppliers Australia.

Whether or not you are ready to make a purchase from them, you can always get the free samples of products in question.

  • Understand the Distribution Channel

Every industry has a distribution channel and the products may go from manufacturer to retailer in many ways. Not all the wholesalers serve the same market. Hence, it is always better to understand food industry distribution channel and know where you fit in the process. This can be a great support for you to find the right wholesaler supplier for your business. Lt’s have a quick look at some different types of wholesalers:

    Importer/Exclusive Distributor
    Wholesaler/Regional Distributor
    Jobbers, “wagon peddlers”

You can start with searching through Google for product and niche names related to the type of distributors you want. Remember always, the more you buy, the more you save on wholesale food products.

  • Have a Productive Contact with Supplier

Before dealing with professional wholesale food suppliers, it is important to take the list of wholesalers and then start contacting them one by one. What you look for should be the minimum order requirement and their wholesale unit prices. Make sure, to be honest, to get the best response from wholesale suppliers Australia. Describe your requirements and your budget. Don’t try to sound bigger than you are and make sure to keep the emails short and to the point.

Communicating through the phone can be a smarter way to get better deals as email doesn’t let you describe your requirements better. After all, your words are always better than what you can write.

  • Go through Major B2B Marketplaces

There’s a wide range of online platforms available where you can find best Australian wholesale food suppliers. Start with Alibaba.com the leading B2B marketplace, connecting global manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers at the same platform. It is a great source for finding manufacturing and or distribution of eatable products.

There are a lot more platforms available to find your best wholesale partner. Some of them include Global Sources, Buyer Zone, EC21, EC Plaza and Busy Trade. Also, you may want to try some Googling skills of yours to get your hands on the best deals offered by Australian suppliers.

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