Great Ways to Find International Buyers for Your Import/Export Business
October 10, 2017 by admin-Blog,Import and Export Business,
Import and Export Business

You can’t expect to run a successful business unless you have a great customer base, but this can be the most difficult challenge in your business. And if you are targeting the international clients for your Australia Food Imports and Exports or any other business, it can be the even tougher choice. You need to adapt to cultural norms, language, and travel barriers in order to succeed. Thanks to the technology, it makes it possible to find buyers overseas by making the world smaller much easier than it was in the past.

Yet, it is important for every entrepreneur operating import and export business, to find buyers for their business, considering that having ready buyers is the only way to make headway in the business. And we’d like to share the top ways to help your business grow your Australia Import and Export business with proven methods to find and cultivate overseas customers.

1.)    Approach Foreign Agencies

Various countries have state-sponsored and controlled agencies sometimes that are also known as trading companies. These companies or agencies import products usually in bulk orders. These agencies can be approached once you know everything about them. Do your homework and identify countries you believe your export would be great for. Having a foreign representative on your side can also help with significantly.

2.)    Approach Foreign Wholesalers

Just like the foreign agencies, the wholesalers in a particular country can help you enjoy great business growth with bulk orders for their Australia Food Imports and Exports business. Dealing with these wholesalers instead of government agencies may be easier and contacts can be established much quicker. This results in saving you the time. Of course, the margins may be smaller, but the time you save trying to sell your exports directly to the market may be well worth it.

3.)    Connect with Buying Agents

There may be many foreign agencies that have professional buying agents in different countries that have abundant supplies of products needed in their home countries. You can search for such foreign agencies, if any available in your country that are looking to buy your type of export products, and get in touch with them. The internet is your most powerful tool, helping you search for such agents via company websites. Be sure to deal with an official or officially accredited representative of the agency.

4.)    Have Your Sales Team Ready

As a business owner, you may be indulged in various activities which leave no scope for you to search, contact and deal with the clients in different countries. Hiring an in-house team of professional sales experts can be a great choice that can help you find individuals and firms that are looking to buy your export products. Of course, you need to pay them, you will be able to focus your time and energy on manufacturing your product and other vital aspects of your export business.

5.)    Register on International Trade Platform

When you are going to deal with the international buyers with your Australia Export-Import, it is a smart choice to get yourself registered on the international trade platforms like Alibaba and several others. These platforms have made their way to the international level and help new businesses grow significantly. The registration process is easy and anyone can buy from you via these platforms.

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