Australia’s high standards of food safety and quality are world renown. Al-Ghani takes pride in export of world famous Australian brands through strong partnerships with Australian growers and manufacturers.

The grocery export range includes all types of dry food products found in supermarket’s non-chilled sections, such as breakfast items, cooking needs, beverages and canned foods.

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Baby Food Imports and Exports

Baby Foods

Various rang of baby foods, including on-the-go lunches and breakfasts, porridges and oatmeals, fruit purees, custards and snacks are available from Al-Ghani’s catalogue.

Bakery Products Exporters

Cakes, Muffins & Biscuits

Al-Ghani catalogues a huge variety of pancake mixes, instant puddings, cookies and finger linking, easy-to-make cake flavours including moist sultana, divine banana and caramel.

Australian Food Imports and Exports


Al-Ghani supply a diverse range of Australian premium brands of long life juices, drinking chocolates, coffee and tea, carbonated fruit juices and 100% fruit nectar.

Organic Food Export

Health Foods

A selection of healthy range muesli, crunchola, supergrains, delight clusters, crafted fruit blends, snack bars, protein bars and healthy spreads are all available from Al-Ghani’s catalogue.

Wholesale Groceries Suppliers 

Canned Foods

Canned to preserve flavours and freshness, is a selection of vegetables ranging from asparagus, sweet kernels, diced beetroots, and chick peas to four bean mixes, all available from Al-Ghani’s catalogue.

Australian Food Imports and Exports

Cereals and Grains

Al-Ghani has strong relationships with Australia’s renowned brand manufacturers to maintain sustainable supply of premium quality rolled oats, cornflakes, toasted muesli, porridges, birchers and quinoa mixes.

Bakery Products Exporters


Al-Ghani’s catalogue lists a diverse variety of Australian chocolate and candy, fruit and nut savouries, jellies, marshmallows and lollypops.

Organic Food Export

Gravy & Stock

Supreme quality beef, chicken or vegetable stocks, along with traditional gravy sauces and boosters make a key ingredient in the making of home cooked family meals or extravagant culinary experience.