• At Al-Ghani we are experienced in procurement, organising road transportation, storage and consolidation of all types of perishable and non perishable food products at point of loading for export.
  • We work in partnership with AQIS approved establishments so the quality of Australian dairy and meat can be maintained throughout transportation and storage. Goods are packed on pallets or hand stacked in shipping containers, in temperature controlled environment, ensuring quality of goods is maintained throughout this process.
  • We work with Australian government bodies and international logistics solution provider to prepare the necessary compliance documents for the customer. They serve as a checkpoint to ensure the goods are delivered with quality certificates from various suppliers and the expiry dates allow maximum shelf life.
  • We send food stuff that has short shelf life or is perishable such as fresh milk or sea food via air freight on unit load devices using AV, DQF, ALE or PIP air containers that are insulated. For destinations where there is no direct route by air, we pack perishable goods with dry ice, so temperature is maintained when in transit. The aim is to find the best rate and route available for shipping, and co-load semi-perishable and non perishable, to reduce the logistics cost.
  • For bigger shipments, 20’or 40’sea containers are used for international logistics. Perishable goods are transported in frozen or chilled containers, with temperature recorders. General purpose containers are used for products not sensitive to temperature.
  • For customers who require regular but smaller quantities, we send goods as loose cargo air freight, which gives greater flexibility to the customer.

Import and Distribution

  • We are also always on the lookout for quality products that will enrich people’s lives in Australia and have a dedicated import and marketing division. Our extensive and sophisticated network enables us to assist international manufacturers in launching their product in Australia. We are able to assist in marketing their product, using our local expertise and act as their country representative in Australia to network and distribute a diversified range of products and services.
  • To maintain superior quality of products, it is equally important that they are warehoused at an accredited facility so that the quality of the products are not compromised and our clients receive the products as if they were delivered locally. Therefore we have reputable partners in place to guarantee your products are warehoused and distributed with utmost care as par regulations.
  • Currently, our import includes a diverse range of Bone China & Porcelain tableware, clothing, footwear and sportswear.




Custom Clearance