5 Best Tips for Exporters to Make Successful Deals
January 9, 2018 by admin-Importers and Exporters,
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Getting your first order as an exporter is the major task when you are among the different exporters in Australia. Since every business individuals and firms have their own sets of marketing strategies to get orders from clients, it is important to have your own. Without knowing how to make successful deals in the import and export industry, the company cannot survive.Successful Australian food exporters take their time to develop their own business strategies and consider some vital aspects of their chosen line of trade. Let’s take a look at some important tips to make more sales with more deals.

1.)   Build Your Image

No brand gets successful without brand image and since we are living in the highly sensitive international trade arena, your positive brand image means a lot to the audience you’re dealing with. Ensure having no negative feedback from the clients as it turns out to be a big turn-off for the prospective importers, looking for new export partners. Your credibility needs to shine right from the beginning, so stay adjusting contact details to the international platforms. If you are a single-man army operating on your own, learn to use the plural pronoun to give an impression of size.

2.)   Data-Based Strategies

Retail markets are different to others and need well-designed marketing strategies that are based on accurate data. Similarly, Australian importer exporter market is different. Some strategies that work amazing for one business, maybe the total failure for the other. Make sure considering proper research on your target market and create strategies based on the data and figures. Understanding the unique traits that define each context is paramount to success. Remember exporters in Australia is different to other countries, so make sure delivering the right products to the buyers.

3.)   Trusted & Convenient Payment Methods

Despite living in the online business world, many of us may be afraid of making online payments. The most common and useful form of payments for international transactions is the “Letter of Credit”. This makes transactions safer for both parties – Importers and Exporters in Australia. It comes with an assurance from the buyers’ banks, ensuring that the payment will be made as soon as the product is delivered. Before extending credit facilities, make sure to assess your counterpart’s financial capacity.

4.)   Flawless Communication

This plays a very important role in closing the deals, especially when you are dealing with a company that is based in another country. As an Australian importers exporters, your aim should be to effectively communicate with the buyer to convince the quality and price of your product. If successfully done, your buyers will surely want to take initiation to ask you to send samples to check how better quality you can deliver and then later place the order. Make sure following the mentioned strategies:

  • Adapt your communication style
  • A little use of the local language can go a long way
  • Keep your comments short when speaking in the local language
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Outline each point you want to make
  •  Avoid slang and clichés
  •  Simple terms work best

5.)   Send Sample – Impressive One

When sending samples to prospective clients, make sure sending according to their requirements. Make sure drawing at least two sets of samples when sending export samples. One can be sent to the client and one can be retained with you for future references. It helps you match the product quality of product with the sample when manufacturing or procuring, once you obtained a final purchase order from the buyer.

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